How to Deal with Leaks in Basement

How to Deal with Leaks in Basement

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More often than not leaks in basement are caused when there is lots of rainfall,  if your house is on a slope or inside a low area or there is a lot of snowfall. In the event you discover that your basement is leaking any time of the year but not as a result of common flood, hydrostatic forces are most likely at work.

And one of the big problems that frustrate homeowners are leaky basements. Many leaks in basement become waterlogged due to common flooding, however you might also be interested to learn that the majority of the leaks in basement l are do to common forces that occur underneath and around your basement foundation. The following is information on why basements leak.

Hydrostatic forces are the steps involved in water being pushed up against your concrete or stone foundation as the water level rises and falls. Most of the people don’t realize that leaks in basement is actually because concrete is porous and whenever hydrostatic forces push against the basement foundation, it forces water to seep through the basement floor causing your basement to become water logged.

Basement sealers are one of the least complicated ways to deal with leaks in your  basement. Basement sealers are solutions which you or a contractor can usually brush onto the foundation walls of the basement to protect it against water seepage.

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The following should be noted that basement sealers will not be a permanent solution and more or less a band aid type fix. Many homeowners who apply basement sealers need to keep up with persistent maintenance to prevent water leakage and seepage from occurring.

Basement sealers for leaks in basement

Are available in a number of products which include sealers which might be brushed on much like polyurethane. You will find sealers in the form of corks that require you to make holes in the concrete so that you can pump sealing agents into the wall. Basement sealers, although not the perfect solution, can stop the occasional leak and seepage and are very affordable and easy to use. If you are looking to stop some of the types of leaks in basements and wall seepage, consider basement sealers.

Yet another way to waterproof your basement is by installing a drain tile. Most people will need to hire a contractor to install the drain tile. A drain tile is really a trench built underneath or around the basement which can help in reducing the forces that cause water leaks as well as help remove water away from your home. . Drain tiles can cost several thousand dollars to put in but in order to have a dry basement they are absolutely worth every penny.

The installation of a drain tile takes a great deal of work and is not for beginners or intermediate do it yourself types.  If you are experiencing a leaky basement or seepage through your basement walls, look into the above suggestions for the ways which you can waterproof your basement.

For anyone who is a home owner looking to prevent your basement from water leaks and seepage, there are lots of precautions that you could take to keep water away from your home. Here are some simple strategies for preventing a leaky basement.

One of the simplest ways to reduce the chance of basement flooding and leakage is to filter out water and remove it away from your home. Usually this can be done with clean and efficiently working drainage. Most people have gutters that collect water and then remove it from their home, make certain these gutters are clean and in working order.

You should also make certain in case’s that your gutters do not go into a drain and that they have a ground extension to go out and away from the home, six feet is a minimum at that point water can safely drop into the ground without damaging the home

Additionally it is smart to ensure that the area surrounding your basement foundation is sloped upwards, ensuring that water moves away from the foundation. You can easy landscape your property to cause water to flow away from your home as opposed to creating pockets and puddles that will contribute to basement flooding.

Another tip is your basement windows must not be obstructed by bushes or other items. If your basement is rather humid, it can cause lots of dangerous mold growth. You should open your windows every once in awhile to air out and dry out your basement,  particularly if it has leaking issues. If you are trying to prevent a leaky basement, follow the above simple tips.

Leaks in basement are more than just a head ache they are causing damage to the foundation of the house and as the old saying goes without a good foundation !!!

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